Animal Testing – It’s not Necessary

Did you know over 100 million animals die from chemical, drug, food and cosmetic tests, biology lessons, medical training exercises, and curiosity-driven medical experiments every year? ( They say exact numbers cannot be known because birds, rabbits, mice, and rats are the prime animals used and do not have to be recorded. Can you imagine one of your animals having to live that day to day life of being in a cold cage waiting for your next brutal experiment? It is inhumane and NOT necessary.

Peta has released this finding, “The federal government and many charities waste precious dollars from taxpayers and generous donors on cruel and misleading animal experiments at universities and private laboratories instead of spending them on promising clinical, in vitro and epidemiological studies that are actually relevant to humans.”

Even worse is that some of these tests were animals are blinded, dogs forced to eat pesticides, harmful and burning chemicals rubbed onto their skin and eyes are not REQUIRED by law. Scientists say that some of these test results are inaccurate findings. Animals do not deserve to be tortured day after day. With all of the technological advances we have made in our day, they are telling us there is not a better way of doing these experiments?

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