First Animal Abuser’s Registry



I’m sure everyone is aware of Megan’s Law and how it keeps sex offenders from offending again. Well a New York county in October was the first ever to create and launch an Animal Abuser’s Registry. Those who are actually charged with abuse are too easily in positions to re-adopt and re-commit their crimes. Why did no one think of this sooner? A lot of research shows that animal violence often leads to domestic violence. By this animal registry it will allow adoption stores, shelters, and others to be aware of who not to adopt to when they walk through their doors. This database will be extremely effective for saving future animals from easily being handed over to frequent animal abusers.


Tell me what you think about this registry? Do you agree or disagree?



If you are all for this registry then click here for more information and sign the petition for other states and counties to follow New York’s lead. Also watch the video on the site.


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