Foster an Animal, Give them a chance…

Want a dog or cat but just cannot sign up for such a commitment right  now? Would you like to help save newborn puppies or kittens or all dogs  and cats for that matter from being euthanized? Well I have the job for  you. Ever heard of fostering an animal? For those of you who haven’t, i’ll  break it down for you. Sign up or apply with a volunteer program to be  approved to foster an animal for an amount of time. You will not have to  care for the animal the rest of its life (unless you fall in love with them  and decide to keep it 🙂 ) but give it back once it reaches a certain age and i  is ready for a full adoption to a loving family. Some fostered animals are  new born kittens or puppies that are too young to be adopted, or older  ones that are injured and need help being nursed back to full health.

Don’t let that scare you away because the organization will walk through EVERYTHING with you and send home information to help you with your animal. This is such a great thing to do because animals that otherwise would have been euthanized get the chance to feel love at a home and even get adopted down the road. The shelters are overcrowded so any help they can get or any animal that does not have to get the needle is a success in its self. They are more in need for fostering kittens. One rule is all cats and kittens must be kept inside at all times.

Amount of time for fostering an animal could range from 2-8 weeks depending on the animal and the organization. The other option instead of fostering is that most animals will die. Sorry to put it that way but it is the truth. With such a problem with overcrowding, the shelters can just not handle the heavy inflow of thousands of animals. If you are the type of person who is not in a position to handle an animal with your schedule right now or the whole commitment scares you, or you are debating whether to adopt an animal, this is perfect for you. While figuring out what you want, you are doing an AMAZING thing for these animals. They need your love and support.

My family and I have fostered very young kittens multiple times and it was a great experience. Since I have dogs and other cats, these kittens experienced interacting and getting along with dogs and children that they may not have gotten being locked away in a shelter. It makes people want to adopt them more since they know they would get along with their other animals or children at home. I get very attached to animals but was surprised that even though I fell in love with these kittens, it was only hard at first to see them go because I know we gave them a chance they may not have had otherwise.


For more information on fostering click here <– link includes an application to submit to become a foster parent.


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