Kennel Cough

Hello everyone! So as my first entry discussed our new addition Bella, here                                                                                    is a little update. Her first vet visit was about three weeks ago to which the vet told us to keep an eye out for Bordetella (Kennel Cough) due to her runny nose. Within the next four to five days who began a very loud persistent cough? Yep you guessed it! Kennel Cough usually gets worse at night and that is when she started her symptoms. Other symptoms include:

  • Runny Nose
  • Eye Discharge
  • Persistent Cough
  • Sneezing

One good thing is that your dog will most likely not lose their appetite nor energy level. Of course my boyfriend took her immediately back to the vet where they gave her a few different antibiotics. Thankfully the pet store where we got her from had a 2 week grace period, where anything viral or bacterial that happens to the puppy they will cover the full bill. When buying an animal you should always look into this type of agreement, it saved us close to $300.

While Bella had a rough week, she is now all cleared up from her symptoms and is no longer coughing or bringing up mucus. But my story continues. Kennel Cough is VERY contagious. Bella was around my three dogs and lives at my boyfriends house with their other dog. Within a week of her diagnosis my youngest lab began his coughing and the other two shortly followed. My mom called our vet and they told her to put them on over the counter cough medicine. He said unless they start bringing up yellow or green mucus, their appetite declines, and they are very lethargic this will pass through their system within 7-12 days. We also learned that whenever one of my family members took a hot shower to bring the dog into the bathroom because the steam is very good for them. One way to check for Kennel Cough on your own is to press two fingers on their throat where they swallow and if they cough almost immediately, chances are your puppy is sick 😦 . As you can imagine a collar around their neck can become very irritable for them, so remove it when inside. Although Kennel Cough will usually run its course you should be careful for fluid in their lungs – pneumonia.

Quite a few rough nights later, we are seeing a change in our dogs for the better. Although Bella has stayed quarantine d at my boyfriends house since we are trying to contain this whole “epidemic” from going back and forth, it is hard! She wants to play non-stop and since my boyfriends other dog now has it as well, she is a bit limited. We are hoping by this weekend all will be well. And since the vet said that it can also transfer to cats, we are keeping a close eye out. You probably agree with me when saying seeing your babies sick like this is a horrible experience, but hey things could be worse!

For more information on Kennel Cough check out this website: